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Doctors today say that one of the major reasons more people are unhealthy is due to our overall weakened immune system. One of the most potent results of a juice fast is an enhanced immune system, which will help prevent from illness and disease.

Boosting Your Immune System

Most of the processed foods we eat produces acid in our systems. The alkalizing foods, such as fresh greens, veggies and fruits, various grains and nuts, and other whole, organic foods, are often not a large enough part of our diet. Since our bodies are composed of over 70% water, our fluids need to be kept at a neutral pH in order to maintain healthy. Our miraculous bodies are at work constantly to keep our internal world neutrally balanced, but when more acids accumulate in our body than our natural elimination systems can discharge, we start to become too acidic.

Eventually our cells are being negatively effected by these acid wastes, and our immune system begins to slow down. We begin to have large amounts of waste and toxins, that overpower all the good things we may be including into our diets. The result is lower energy, aches and pains, lack of sleep or focus. Our immune system has become greatly weakened and our body shows signs of imbalance. Fortunately the body is resilient and all the negatives are reversible, simply by changing ones intake of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and gradually through fasting and slowly adjusting to healthier foods.

Fresh Vegetable Juices Provide Everything Your Body Needs

Fresh Organic Juices provide plenty of natural sugars, salts, enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and probiotics, all in natural proportions, for the eventual rebuilding of your body. Because fresh juices require very little digestion and are readily absorbed into the system, they do not interfere with the need for the digestive system to be almost completely shut down, which leaves the body's energy available for the deep cleansing and rebuilding activities of a fast.

One single juice can pack in a full serving of fruits and vegetables. Fresh organic juices are packed with antioxidants, organic antibiotics, and vitamins necessary for us to live, age, and breath in the most healthful way. Imagine the amount of nutrients you can include into your diet with adding a juice or two throughout your day....

The body is an entire world within us, and requires fresh air, clean water, a balanced pH, exercise, and mindful nutrition in order to stay in great condition. A juice gives us a lot of the energy required to do the many things that we need to accomplish during our busy day....