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What can I expect to experience when I do a juice cleanse?

After a cleanse, many people experience higher energy levels, and even an elevated sense of lightness. This is due to the fact that your body has released unnecessary toxins, thus allowing it to naturally improve its ability to absorb all the vitamins that give us our energy boost.

Why should I participate in a juice fast cleanse?

In today's modern world, it is quite beneficial to cleanse the body regularly. We are often exposed to and ingesting toxins, without even noticing it. Our diets are generally more acidic than alkalizing. In order to create optimum health and energy levels, the colon, blood, cells, liver and other organs, and lymphatic system must be clean and properly nourished. Our juice fast cleanses provide you the opportunity to cleanse, restore and recharge your body with the natural organic vitamins, enzymes and minerals found in living, raw, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Where do I get my protein?

There are various sources of protein other than animal protein. With a cleanse, one can get some protein from our green juice as well as a juice including almonds and almond milk. Almond milk is a great source of protein, but green veggies are also packed with essential amino acids which are the building blocks of our bodies. Some other sources of protein are blue-green algae's such as Chlorella, E3Live, Spirulina (64% protein), and Green Superfood Powders.

Will I have enough energy to work, exercise, etc?

You will feel an increase in energy, but it may take a day to adjust to the lifestyle, depending on your habits and pre existing diet. We find it is quite possible to go about our daily lives on a cleanse, it just takes a certain amount of dedication and discipline. Once this is achieved, it is all downhill from there. The in the end, the benefits will outweigh all the hard work going into it.

What are the benefits of the green juices vs. the fruit juices?

The most important benefit of green juice is the way it naturally alkalizes the body. Fruit juices give us many essential vitamins, especially vitamin C, but the green juices give us the wide range of amino acids and minerals that provide long lasting energy. We often mix the two together to create a perfect blend of taste and vitamins!