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About Us

Colleen and Elizabeth were raised in Bucktown, and attended school in the city at Francis W. Parker school. While they have travelled, learned, and worked in other cities, Chicago remains home, and will always serve as a source of inspiration and growth. Green Corner is a place where they can share their experiences learned, and provide a service of health and well being to the community.

Both sisters have been certified to teach yoga, which is a large part of their growth and well being. Colleen began practicing in high school, and soon after, Elizabeth was following her to classes at a local yoga studio where they both still practice called Yogaview, just a few steps away from the Green Corner. In incorporating yoga into a healthy diet, Colleen and Elizabeth learned how important physical and mental health contributes to ones overall happiness and productivity.

In the fall of 2008, Colleen and Elizabeth participated in a week long detox program in Bodrom, Turkey. It was there that they learned the many benefits of a juice fast. They both delved into the literature provided there, and by the end of the cleanse program, they both felt a newfound sense of rejuvenation unlike anything they've ever experienced before. They realized that this service could be of value to many people they knew back home. Though the idea of a cleanse may be extreme to many, they realized that simply including a vitamin packed juice into ones diet is enough to enhance ones health and overall energy level.

To this day, they both continue to educate themselves on the benefits of a balanced diet, juicing, juice fasts, and the overall positive effects of nutrients derived from plants exclusively upon our bodies. Their hope is to being able to expand the communities knowledge of these benefits, while at the same time, opening a space for indulging in healthy snacks and juice.